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10 great tips to remove underarm black spots

Underarm or armpit black spots are very common problems in many lives. This stain can be temporarily removed by using different creams, but forgetting it, it comes back again. What to do? Find out 10 great tips that will not only remove the black spot on your armpit but also remove the scars and keep the buggle fair and beautiful very easy.

  •  To remove black spots, cucumber or potato juice is a great thing. Keep the cucumber and potato juice twice a day. After 15/220 minutes after drying, wash it with warm water. You can use chopped potatoes or cucumbers instead of juice.Mix the paste with baking soda and make paste. Keep this paste in the bay. Wash after drying. Do it several times a week. Black spots will be removed, there will be no new spots.
  •  2 tablespoon raw milk, 1 table spoon of curd, 1 table spoon flour mixed with paste. Blanch this paste. Regular use of 2/3 times black spots will be removed and the buds will not be marked again.
  •  Do not shave your shave. It is very good if you can do parlor. There is no damage to the skin and care is done there. If the hair is shaving, hair sticks remain, so the black spots seem more than that.
  •  If you have to shave, then use coconut oil instead of bulging shaving cream. Also massage coconut oil every day. Coconut oil can be removed from the black spots in the regular massage, the skin will be fair and beautiful.
  •  Scrabbag is not only the mouth but also the bulgale.Avoid sweating through natural means without using harmful sweat resistant products.
  •  Wear clothes that do not rub too much in the armpit.
  •  Clean the bodice separately during bathing.

Do not put perfume in the bone. Neither the earrings are nearer.

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