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About Us

According to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh announced on 27th September, 2017 all documents required   to be started as Myvideocity.com Health Newspapers and Directories by submitting information to the Directorate of Information and the Cabinet   . So it is a completely different step from the traditional health website.

 Health aspects of human life are very important. We are giving more importance to the needs of the people of the present time, beyond the traditional norm. In this way, we started this site as one of the most important and important issues for the people. Healthy knowledge about body and disease is equally important as medicine. In particular, it is not useful to treat diseases like this, but disease management is an effective way. Therefore Myvideocity.com will play an important role inpublic health and awareness  .

One of our goals is that the current information technology is fully utilized for the overall health and it is in the right direction and it is in the right direction. Our only aim is to keep the concerned people forward so much. So, we want to go ahead with this health journal out of the traditional trend. Our effort will be to make the present generation of young people away from all aggressive paths and build them with proper health education. In addition to health related news, we are committed to building   Myvideocity.com as the largest information store in the field of Bengali health. In a word –  Myvideocity.com is the  only resort to any information, tips and solutions for your health.

We wish our sincere co-operation with those of us who are well-versed with writers, readers and advertisers.

Publisher and Founder –
Shaon Ahmed