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Awareness of breast cancer needs

Screenshot 16 - Awareness of breast cancer needs

When a breast cancer occurs, it does not affect the patient only, it affects the family, friends and relatives. Especially life music is affected. For the patient who is compromised, the help of the life partner in facing challenges, the sympathy, the resort is very much needed. When breast cancer treatment goes, there …

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Bone Disease – How to Avoid Osteoporosis

Screenshot 4 - Bone Disease - How to Avoid Osteoporosis

The internal density of the bones is an ongoing process. At the age of 16-18, the length of the bone is stopped, but the intensity of the bone increases gradually until the age of 20. By the age of 35 the bone formation and decay continue to move at the same pace. After …

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7 ways to heal rapid dental pain

Dental pain

Many of us do not care for the dental pain. If you do not need dental care, do not go to the dentist regularly. After this, when the life of a dentist is alive, only then run to the dentist. But toothache is a bad habit. When everybody is asleep during the night, the …

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To Do Asthma Patients In Winter

managing allergies asthma - To Do Asthma Patients In Winter

Cold weather, cold-cough-flu or cold fever for asthma sufferers may be a cause of great difficulty and danger. Every year in the winter 80% of children and 40% of adults increase asthma or intensity of breathlessness. The main reasons for this are: Cold, fever or flu epidemic, cold-dry air which compresses respiration, …

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Men’s Breast Cancer

heart disease - Men's Breast Cancer

Breast cancer – When we hear the ear, the face of the women becomes visible in our eyes. We almost everyone think that breast cancer is a disease of women! Absolutely wrong idea. The disease can be male. Worse is the fact that men are increasingly becoming more prone to this disease! According to …

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