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What is the symptoms of children’s asthma?

In winter, the incidence of asthma increases slightly. Asthma is a problem of respiratory problems. Regularly organized on NTV in this regard, he said in the 294th episode of the health everyday program. Abid Hossain Molla He is currently serving as the Head of Department of Children’s Department of BIRDEM Hospital.

chldren's Asthma

Q: What kind of problems do children have in asthma? If that is the case?

Answer: There are flowers in this time, dust is more than the other time – all of these children who have asthma during this period start breathing more. That is, the baby was not breathing, suddenly it was seen that the cough started, breathing a little along with the cough, it was accompanied by a loud shout, often breathing. Sometimes there may be a little fever, or may not have. Children who are aged six months or younger, have another problem, similar to the present. Is a virus, it is called bronchiolitis. The signs of these two diseases are very close.

Q: What is the way to understand both of them separately?

Answer: The only way to understand is one. Asthma can be at any age. But usually we say that asthma is a little older. But if we see small children who are suffering from a sudden, they have a nose with a little nose, two to four days or five days before the fever, now she is suffering a lot. It seems to me that the condition of the child is very bad. It is bronchiolitis.

And if there is asthma then there are quite a few breaths. Sometimes it is so fatal that he needs to go to the hospital.

Normally bronchiolitis is in a certain age. Children between two year olds are under the age of one year. In general, this problem is caused by viruses. There are several viruses. They contain a virus called respeporcinicidal virus, which is basically responsible for it. Under the influence of this virus a baby may have a little cold cough. Within a few days of this cold, his cough started. His breathing started. The sound of bamboo is going on. But he has no fever. However, when a child suffers from pneumonia, there is no fever in him, there is no illness.

Q: Do they automatically become better?

Answer: Sometimes these children have to take a little oxygen if they are intensified. Sometimes we do nebulizing with special types of liquids. It does not take anything beyond that. There is no need for any type of antibiotics. Of course, a specialist doctor will tell you what to do.

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