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The diseases of children during the seasons change

The winter has dropped light. There are various diseases during this period of winter, starting from hot or changing season.

diseases of children during the seasons change

diseases of children during the seasons change

Regularly organized by NTV on children’s disease during this period, Dr. Abid Hossain Molla Currently he is serving as the Head of Department of Children’s Division at BIRDEM Hospital.

Q: What diseases of children are more at this time?

Answer: Problems of respiratory problems are more in the problems children face. In most cases, the noses of the children are stopped due to the cold. Sometimes their cold stomach pneumonia suffocates. The children who are asthmatic, but this time the asthma attack is suddenly increased. These are a direction.

In the rural areas but the winter has fallen. In those places, people are comforting themselves from the winter, making some arrangements to fire anywhere. The smoke of the fire is bad for those asthmatic babies who are in different parts of the village. There is also a problem of burning fire from the fire many times. If you go to Dhaka Medical College for a long time, you will see many children come and burn them. These problems are usually seen in children in the winter. To prevent them, preventive measures should be taken. Child carers need awareness on this issue.

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