Eating raw eggs is healthier?

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Eating raw eggs is more energy. Such ideas are common among many. Raw eggs more nutritious than boiled and fried eggs – this is a common misconception. In fact the opposite is true. It is not a good thing to eat so much raw eggs. Eating raw eggs on the wrong idea can lead to other health problems.

First, raw eggs do not dig easily like cooked eggs. The white part of the egg contains proteins (albumin). In raw condition there is an antibacterial properties in the white section. It is wasted in heat. In it, boiled egg or fried eggs are easy-to-eat.

Second, the body is associated with the protein avidin present in the white part of the biodontin egg, playing raw eggs. The combined mixture of avidin biotin is not absorbed in digestion. But the combination of avidin and biotin differ in the heat by breaking the mixture. The biotic is then absorbed separately through digestion. Gastroenterologists say that eating raw eggs causes the body to lack of biotin. The name of this condition is called the White White Injury. The symptoms of this condition include skin inflammation, loss of weight, defenses of the tongue, scattering movements etc.

There are more problems with raw eggs The raw egg, which causes food poisoning, is the habitat of bacterial habitats. The name of such a bacterium is Salmonella. It penetrates into a deep hole in the bottom of the egg. After delivery, if there is a fall in dirty dirt or duck poultry, then the salmonella bacteria get the chance to enter the egg. And while eating raw eggs, suddenly vomiting in salmonella infection, From stomach disease to typhoid Although the egg cooked well (at least five to seven minutes) salmonella is destroyed. But if the omelet does not destroy the salmonella of the egg in a soft three-minute period. Salmonella is not all eggs, but it is not. If the egg is lying in a dirty spot after laying eggs, or if there is shit on the egg, the egg can be bacterial. If the eggs are cleaned and the eggs are cleaned, then there is no risk of entering Salmonella in the egg. I hope, then the wrong ideas about raw eggs will be removed. Raw eggs, fried and boiled eggs are health-conscious.

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