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Exercise Levels For A Human

Exercise routine can be different in many ways. Light exercises or heavy exercises, do each one differently. Research says that, at the same time, mixed-mixed with heavy and light exercises or heavy exercise and rest is good for the body. It is possible to lose more calories; You can also exercise regularly in such a way that you can also exercise patience. Let us learn how to change the level of exercise repeatedly and all kinds of exercises can be done.

One minute maybe exercised with maximum strength. Or increased the speed. Take the next minute or exercise at a low speed. The next minute again exercised with maximum strength, then the next minute again rest or light exercise. Thus, 20 minutes of exercise, heavy exercise is 10 minutes; But it’s always useful for you. Exercise for 10 minutes continuously, you get as much benefit as you can, exercising in this rule will get more benefit.

Depending on your body’s capacity, you can reduce or decrease the time of light exercise. If you do not want to apply this method every day, you can exercise this rule for a day or two. Running in the park, running in a treadmill or lifting weights can be applied in any exercise.

In this way, after developing exercise habits, muscles are formed as well as body fat. It’s also good to sleep. However, it should be kept in mind that it does not hurt to reduce the speed of exercise. Warm up before exercise, cool down at the end of the exercise. Apart from those who have diabetes, heart problems or respiratory problems, do not exercise without the advice of the doctor.

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