Hair Pack To Eliminate Hair Problems

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Hair care is used in many hair packs. Among them, Mehdi Pack is one of the top. It prevents hair fall and naturally turns hair in color. There is another element that softens the hair, prevents dandruff and strengthens the hair. It is a talk dye. Many people know that toe hair dandruff is very useful to talk dough. Not only removes dandruff, hair can be solved by many hair problems.

To remove the hair problem, make-up hair pack-

1. To make hair soft

Make a pack by mixing yogurt, coconut oil and aloe vera gel well. Use this pack in the hair. Remove shampoo after 15 minutes. This pack will make living, lifeless, rough hair soft, soft, and moisturizing. Regular use of this pack will quickly remove hair roughness.

2. Prevent hair fall

Make a paste by mixing 1 cup cup yogurt with 1/4 cup fenugreek powder. Use this pack on your hair full of hair. Keep shampoo for 2 hours. Use it once a week. This pack helps prevent hair fall.

3. To remove the roughness

Make packs mixed with sour, nut oil and an egg well. Keep this pack full of hair from the hair follicle. Shampoo hair after 30 minutes. Eggs and oils make hair slick by eliminating the roughness of hair.

4. To remove dandruff

This pack is very useful to remove headache pores, dandruff. Make a pack by mixing three tablespoons olive oil tok dyed well. Apply this massage to the palm of the head for 10 minutes. Wash the hair after shampoo after 30 minutes. Use this pack twice a week.

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