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How to take newborn skin care?

There is nothing else to feel like coming to a new guest in the world! When a child comes to light when a child comes to light, that moment seems to be quite happy, satisfying. From the beginning, all the parents needed to prepare for the new guest to grow. It is important to take the necessary measures for the child, as well as to take care of the child’s delicate body protection.

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How to take newborn skin care –

It is important for parents to focus on this matter from the beginning, as well as all other things after the birth of a newborn baby skin. Remember, after birth, the newborn baby’s skin is quite vulnerable. In addition to the child’s immune system. So, at the very beginning, using any kind of cream, oil, or perfume can cause problems like dry skin, even red rash. These issues should be cautious before childbirth.

The first thing you should do after childbirth is to arrange a soft and warm place for the baby. After the birth of the child, his body skin contains a type of oil substance called vanensis. These substances work much like antibodies. Outside the dust sand or anything else that can be harmful to the skin of the skin, preventing all skin from coming in contact. A very common matter among the mothers of our country is that after childbirth they want to have their baby bath as soon as possible. In addition, the child was busy preparing various types of foreign cream for skin skin. To be honest, it should be prevented from doing such work.

It is absolutely prohibited for bathing, shaving cream or anything like this in the first week after the baby is born. Because the body oil layer on the skin of the skin, it will move away and the baby’s skin will become more vulnerable. The rule of bath for a newborn is three times a week. But of course, it is not a bath, but a sponge or a soft cloth, light mildew, will be washed in water and it will be removed from the body. The baby will get cold after bathing in excess of it, as well as the possibility of severe skin diseases like eczema increases as the skin goes away.

Generally the newborn baby is not very dirty except the mouth saliva and diapers. So enough to just wipe out sponges from two to three times a week. And one day cleaner or a little water will be cleaned inside the mouth. This rule should follow at least one year after the birth of the baby.

As already mentioned, after the birth of our children, women of our country want to use various foreign foreign products in their body. This item should be carefully used for at least the first 6 months after the baby’s birth. If your family has allergies or asthma records, then there is no question. Although beneficial to name, these baby products can destroy the natural skin of the baby’s body, which can cause skin infections on the skin.

Regular baby bedding and clothes need to be cleaned. In this case, refrain from using perfume detergent. Not only that, the children’s clothes with the other members of the family will not be sold. It is necessary to clean them completely with clean and hot water.

Regular check your baby’s diapers. Because if the dirty diapers were worn for longer periods of time, the baby’s skin may become rash. So if the diapers are dirty then clean it as soon as possible. To get rid of the skin is not good to use in the market baby wipe. Use clean soft cloth instead. Baby Wipe may be harmful for the baby’s skin. And you can use petroleum jelly in sensitive organs. If you use Baby Tallakum powder, keep in mind that the powder does not go to the baby’s face. It can cause a child’s breath problem.

And massage the baby’s skin to make it healthier. But it must be at least ten weeks after birth. Research has shown that the child’s wellbeing and growth depend on how little the child is being touched. There is no special technique for baby’s body massage. In a warm room, shave the baby lying on the blanket folded. Then the healthy and safe baby lotion or baby oil mixed with the lips and gently whispered to the baby. Remember, the baby’s body does not feel stressed. It may cause child pain. Carefully massage the whole body. The baby’s skin will be soft and healthy.

Who does not want a new guest who is healthy and sunny? So it is important to take care of your newborn’s future, to ensure a better life.

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