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How would you treat your child?

The child’s relationship with the parents is like a friend so that they can share their words with each other. If the child is not ashamed to talk to the parent or is not able to give time to the child for parental care, it is not good for the child. His parents’ responsibility to teach children is important to life. The child’s mind is like clay soil, so what he hears and sees at this time, he gets in his mind. Children are sensitive and sensitive, and they grow up with affection and affection. Parents should give adequate time to the child. The word is very big impact. Your short sentence will help him to be loyal to you, as a result you can teach him good behavior. Let us know today something like this.

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How would you behave with your child?

1. “How did you live all day?”

It is necessary to express parental interest to the child’s daily activities. When he returns from school or ate during dinner, ask him how you spent the whole day? He will understand that you are very interested in him, he will be interested to talk to you and will say what you will love too.

2. “You Win!”

An encouraging word can increase self-confidence multiplier If your child can win a game or solve a small puzzle, tell him you have won. This will give your child a sense of success that will motivate him to win.

3. “I trust you”

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When you say to your child that ‘I trust you’ he will start believing you. As a result, he may think many times to do any such thing that is dishonest of your beliefs.

4. “Do not give up”

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By saying ‘Do not give up’, you will teach your child to be patient. If he does not get disappointed any time he can not do any work, and if he does not succeed in trying again and again in one task, then the job should be done in any other way, so that he can think of this matter to teach him this sentence.

5. “Teach not to teach”

When the child is growing up, he needs to learn what he wants and what he does not want to do. This will keep your child happy and feel dignified so that his individuality will be created. As a result, if a person teases him, he can identify them. If he learns to understand the difference between good and bad, then he will be able to catch what is good for him and what is bad for him and whether he is moving on the right track.

6. “Help others”

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The main responsibility of teaching social and human behavior and parents. Tell your child to help others if they can get along with others for his needs. Your child is standing beside the helpless and weak people. Explain the fact that good results of good deeds and bad results are to suffer from bad fruits. In this way, he can understand and learn the issues of humanity and socialism.

If you do not have to follow the issues that you are learning to your child, then his confidence will not be created for you.

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