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How to remove the scars or stretch marks in the body

Many people suffer from skin scars or stroke mark problems. These spots are visible in different parts of body skin. We think this problem is due to excess weight. When the body volume increases, the skin stretches to cover the excessive size and then stretches the excess area, This strain is created as a result. This type of stain is due to the skin tension in the abdomen after the pregnancy.

It appears like visible line on the skin.In many parts of the body such as the stomach wall, waist, hands, neck, behind the hats, thighs and even the chest. Obesity is of course, due to physical discomfort, such as pregnancy and also due to lack of water in the body can be such a problem. But eliminating this scar on our skin is no longer impossible task but   rather very possible. Find out how impossible this is possible to do

1. Massage the egg white part 5-10 minutes on the granular spot 3 times daily. As long as the stain is not cleansed, this method will apply to the body

2. Use vitamins-rich cream. Massage the spots on the spots 3 times a day. Vitamin-C can not take supplementary cream if you do not get supplementation. The supplement will be eaten 3 times a day.

3. Massage the stain of the body with a piece of lemon to stain it for 15 minutes. There will be great benefits in this.

4. Use various beauty products such as toner, cleaner and moisturizer etc. with glycolic acid. This acid plays a helpful role in eradicating the scars.

5. Massage the spots with different types of oil, and spray it every 10 minutes daily. Benefits can be found.

6. Make a scuba mixed with sugar, lemon juice and olive oil and massage it every day for 5-10 minutes daily.

7. You can do another application for this. This is a potato, and thicken it up to two pieces, massage the scabs for some time. If you like the juice, wait 15 minutes to wash the place.

8. Take out the aloe vera leaf from it and attach it to the stain and wait for 2 hours. Then wash it with water.

9. Leave the apricot beans and make paste with the spots for 15-20 minutes, twice a day.

10. Every day you eat plenty of protein foods such as fish, egg white, curd, nuts, sunflower seeds, and watermelon seeds. They will keep your skin coated. The body will help to remove the scars.

  If you regularly adjust these 10 tasks, hopefully your skin’s scars will decrease a lot.

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