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Who is at risk of asthma?

Winter usually leads to asthma. Hereditary factors are often blamed for asthma.

But who is more risky for asthma, NTV regularly talked about the health everyday in the 294th episode of Dr. Abid Hossain Molla Currently he is serving as the Head of Department of Children’s Division at BIRDEM Hospital.

asthama risk

Q: Who are risk prone to asthma?

Answer: Those who have been breast-feeding from their childhood, have less risk but inside them. And those who have got artificial milk, have fed cow’s milk, have eaten tin milk, but they are more likely to get them. The number two is the tendency of asthma if parents or other siblings have a history of suffering from asthma. That is, family history is very important.

There are many children, including allergic rhinitis. That is to say, the water is draining through the nose throughout the year. Someone’s eyes are red all year round. There are problems in the skin, there are exclusions These are but risky. Apart from this, there may be asthma in the body due to various immunological problems.

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