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The way hair curls will reduce hair fall

Heavy hair is falling, nothing is controlled? Then you know, this hair is falling on your own fault! Every hair we have every day, as a result of a large part of her hair combing the wrong way. Without understanding, we do all these mistakes, so that the harm of the hair is deadly. For example, after bathing you must comb your hair? It also plays a big role behind hair fall! Find out six rules today, which can be reduced by hair and hair reduction like magic.

1) Do not use brushes or chicken teeth to comb your hair. Use thick plastic teeth, thickened in the gap between the gap. This will keep your hair good.

2) Think the hair is better to comb? Do not even make this mistake. Increasing hair leads to loss of hair rather than poor hair, and reading rate is also poor hair. Suffer enough to comb your hair by 2-3 times a day. Do not tinkle again and again. Hair surges lead to blood circulation in your head. As a result, hair follicles are strong. But yes, do not waste time in a moderate amount of time without hurry.

3) When to brush hair? Tie the hair before sleeping at night. Tighten before leaving in the morning. Hair shaving must be done before shampoo. It will not be a haircut and it can protect you from hair loss.

4) After bathing, do not comb your hair in any situation. The hair is soft and fragile in a wet condition, it breaks quickly and gets broken. Especially this straightforward case of hair is much more.

5) Do you need to go out, bash or style hair? Wait without hurry. Not at all, at least 75 percent after the drying of the hair, apply the hair.

6) Never shrivel your hair. And never comb your hair with a comb or do not blush hair.

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