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Do you have a tooth worm?

The insect flirting … the teeth are worn … In the rural areas, a group of nomad women visit the house. On top of them, a large cloth bundle, a bamboo bamboo sage or staple arranged. The main business is to sell bangles. Along with this, the skills of the game of hand or small magic have been kept intact. And using that technique, the worm out of the teeth and rags into the riddle to the ordinary people.

Do you have a tooth worm - Do you have a tooth worm?

Not only in the rural areas, many people in the city also go to them to find dental insects. What is the endless anxiety about dental insects. But there is no existence of dental insects. The common man has been playing this erroneous belief of the pest since ages and is being cheated. It is also showing the dental problem.

A survey of the World Health Organization found that 90 percent of people in Bangladesh are suffering from dental caries. The name of dental carriage can be given in correct Bengal in case of dental decay. Due to low educated ignorant people, this disease has been termed as dental insect. This decay of the tooth is due to a type of germ transmission.

Normally there is a small amount of humor on the teeth in the teeth. These holes are not understood by the naked eye. During the meal, food particles are stored in those invisible holes. The food is stuck in the hole. Within 24 hours, they are composed of a variety of microbial infections and form a acid called lactic adsis. Lactic acid damages those invisible holes.

Thus, day after day, the visible holes are formed on the teeth. Initially, the outer layer of the lactic acid donor creates small black spots on the anamel. Later on, reaching the dentist in the middle of the center, passing this hollow anal.

At one stage, it causes severe damage to the teeth by infecting dental shells or pulp. Disease dentures can be similar to those of invisible holes, which are infected with germs, stuck between two teeth in the middle of the vagina.

There are also available treatments for dental caries or dental decay. It is possible to preserve decayed teeth if the doctor’s advice and necessary treatment take place on time. Basically there is nothing called dental insects. It is a dental decay.

Author: Associate Professor, Holifaimi Red Crescent Medical College

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